Capabilities & Certifications

Capabilities & Certifications

Paragon NDT's non-destructive testing qualifications meet NAS 410, SNT-TC-1A and ASNT, and are designed to ensure the quality and integrity of your products. Our goal is to be efficient, thorough, and save you time and money overall. We also aim to troubleshoot and research to leave you with quality solutions after testing.


ET - Eddy Current Testing
MT - Magnetic Particle Testing
Optical Prism (Larascope)
PT - Penetrant Testing
RT - Radiographic Testing
UT - Ultrasonic Testing


Accredited NADCAP - Nondestructive Testing
AS9100D / ISO 9001 - Quality Management System
FAA Certified Repair Station #172R877C


  • BAC 5423
  • BSS 7039
  • CSTI002
  • Northrop Grumman ASTM E1417
  • Northrop Grumman GT 23 A (Limits: No Etch)
  • Textron ASTM E1417
  • HJPS-T006
  • FAA Repair Station
  • Lockheed Martin LMA-PC201 and Northrop Grumman LMA-PC201
Magnetic Particle
  • BAC 5424
  • BSS 7040
  • CSTI001
  • Textron ASTM E1444, AMS 2442
  • Northrop Grumman ASTM E1444
  • NGT23K
  • FAA Repair Station
Radiographic Testing
  • BSS 7041
  • CSTI003
  • Textron ASTM E1742
  • Northrop Grumman LMA-PC301
  • Northrop Grumman ASTM E1742
  • Lockheed Martin MIL-STD-453/ASTM E1742
  • Lockheed Martin LMA-PC301
  • HJPS-T012
  • FAA Repair Station
Ultrasonic Testing
  • Textron AMS-STD-2154, ASTM E2375
  • FAA Repair Station
Eddy Current Testing
  • FAA Repair Station

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